Term and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to anyone wishing to use the Tradesmenhub platform (hereinafter referred to as “Site”, “Tradesmenhub” or “Site”), available at https://www.Tradesmenhub.ie. By using this platform, you are agreeing to these provisions. If you do not agree with them, please do not use the platform. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions whenever we want, without the need for prior notification. All changes to these provisions will enter into force when they are posted on this page.

We encourage you to periodically review the content of this page, as it directly influences the way you use the platform. The terms and conditions presented here may not be canceled or modified by you in any form.

1. Description of services

Tradesmenhub is not an event product in itself and no service provider. The site, as a neutral part, tries to connect customers and locations / service providers. Tradesmenhub is not involved and will not be a part of any transactions that are concluded with the help of this platform. Therefore, we would like to point out that any transaction made through Tradesmenhub will be strictly established between customers and locations / service providers. Consequently, the Website has no control over the quality or legality of the transactions and is not responsible for the ability of the locations / service providers to comply with their commitments to the stipulated standards.

2. Registration on the site

The Tradesmenhub membership is not transferable and cannot be sold to another entity. By registering on the Site you are committing to complete the profile with true, relevant information at the moment. Each account created is responsible for its activity within the Site. Currently, creating an account is free. In the future, Tradesmenhub wants to introduce costly subscriptions that will offer special benefits to payers.

Tradesmenhub offers two types of accounts:

a) Client account: the user can save the profiles listed on the site, can report other users, add reviews and send messages through the internal messaging system provided by Tradesmenhub

b) Location account / service provider: in addition to the customer account facilities, the user has the right to add one or more profiles on the site

The site reserves the right to change at any time the terms and conditions regarding the registration of an account.

3. Prohibited activities

Visitors and members of this site are not allowed to:

a) Create an account on behalf of another person

b) Create more accounts

c) Use the account of another member

d) Provides illegal or illegal services

e) Collect information about the members of the site

f) Use offensive words or words

g) Use information that is not in line with reality

4. Tax

At present, there is no charge for registering an account within our platform. In the future, Tradesmenhub wants to introduce costly subscriptions that will offer special benefits to the payers, but they will not be mandatory.

5. Protection of the content considered intellectual property

Tradesmenhub contains or uses materials considered intellectual property that we own or have rights that allow us to use them. Regarding the intellectual property of the information that the Planned members post within the Site, we emphasize that the users are solely responsible for the content posted. By using this Site, each member assumes that he is allowed to post only content on which he has rights of use.

If a member considers that another member is in violation of this amendment, he or she must inform us in order to resolve the case. After an analysis of the Tradesmenhub team, the outcome and the measures to be taken will be transmitted to all parties involved. Violation of this amendment is sanctioned with the suspension or permanent closure of the respective account.

6. Information published by you

Our site offers its members the opportunity to publish information in order to promote and inform potential customers about the service offered. In accordance with our terms and conditions, the members undertake to provide only true and relevant information at the present time, in accordance with the reality. The account holder is solely responsible for the quality of the published information.

Tradesmenhub has the right but not the obligation to monitor the information published by its members. Also, the Website does not guarantee that the information or identities published by its members are in conformity with the reality, and thus suggests that such information be verified before acting on their basis. Therefore, Tradesmenhub is not responsible for any loss suffered based on the information published by its members.

By the time you register, you agree that the information published will:

a) Does not contain personal details that you do not want to be made public

b) Does not contain personal details of other persons that could lead to the violation of the right to personal privacy

c) Does not contain information that could violate the legislation in force

d) Does not contain information that violates the terms and conditions of our site

e) Does not infringe the copyrights of other entities

f) Do not display obscene, indecent, pornographic content

g) Do not use a licentious, defamatory, racist language

h) Does not contain viruses, Trojans, spyware or any software or programming language that could interfere with the proper functioning of our site

i) Do not test or scan the vulnerability or security of our site

j) Not to be used for the purpose of promoting products or services that are not part of the object of the registered service

k) Does not contain links to sites other than personal ones

Also, by creating an account, the member agrees that the information is published in good faith, assuming legal responsibility for their content, without making any liability to the Site.

7. Rating and reviews

The rating and review system of our site only allows registered users to provide feedback to the locations / service providers they have contacted so far. Only reviews that show in detail that the opinion posted is in line with reality will not be accepted and does not aim to defame without a good reason.

To protect the integrity of the site, Tradesmenhub will delete reviews where:

a) Use licentious, vulgar or discriminatory language

b) Reference is used for commercial purposes and not only for any contact that is not registered in the Tradesmenhub database

c) The personal information of the members or other persons is used, among which we mention full names, birth dates, physical addresses, email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, personal numeric codes or any other official identification numbers, and so on

8. Confidentiality policy

By using the services offered by Tradesmenhub, registered users will provide personal and special data.

All information regarding how Tradesmenhub processes this data can be found in: Privacy Policy .

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you also accept the Privacy Policy by default.

9. Fraud

Tradesmenhub may temporarily suspend or permanently close any account that is suspected of conducting fraudulent activity conducted on or in connection with our site. This can be done without any prior warning. Fraudulent actions refer, but are not limited, to the rating system and reviews within the Site.

10. Guarantee the services offered by locations / service providers

Tradesmenhub expressly emphasizes that it is not guaranteed that the services offered by the locations / service providers and all the additional information provided by them are true, current, complete or in line with reality. Therefore, the Site assumes no responsibility if the information provided by them does not meet your requirements.

11. The right to reject or remove members

We reserve the absolute right to reject or remove the members of the Tradesmenhub platform, at any time, for any reason or without any reason, without prior notice. Among the actions that can cause us to remove you as a member of our platform we mention (but are not limited to): breach of at least one of the terms or conditions, management of several accounts that refer to the same professional, manipulation of the rating system and review, inappropriate addressing to another member or Site team, etc.

12. Referrals to other sites

Our platform may contain links to other sites. These referrals are only accepted if the destination sites are in direct connection with the service you provide. Tradesmenhub is not responsible in any way for the validity, quality or content of the sites to which its members refer.

13. Legal compliance

By registering on our site you assume that the services you provide fully comply with Romanian law.

14. Security

Tradesmenhub uses standard practices that ensure the smooth operation and security of the personal information of its members. Although we use different techniques to secure the informational content of our platform against unauthorized access, we cannot guarantee the security of our entire system. Also, we cannot guarantee the secure and uninterrupted access to our platform, because its proper functioning can be interrupted by other factors that are outside our control area.

15. Final aspects

This Agreement for the use of the Tradesmenhub platform may not be modified, interpreted or canceled by any outside party. It comes into effect the moment you start using our platform.