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Verified Success Stories

RPM Renovation

I've been with for a while now and they keep my team and I busy. If I have any queries or need to get in touch, someone is there to respond promptly within a few hours. I am very happy with my experience so far.

CC Painting Decorating

After using I would highly recommend the service. It is a great way to meet new customers. I find the team at to be very helpful whenever I have any queries. Without the help of TradesmenHub.ieI don't think I would still be trading. Best thing I ever done.

Mike Painter Decorator

I've been using this site for about 6 months and have been quite impressed by their efficiency and helpfulness. Any issues I've had have been dealt with swiftly. Though these have been few and far between! I'm receiving exactly the queries I've requested and have at least tripled my workload since joining forces with such a wonderful team and company. 

MM Plumbing

Fantastic asset to my company, boosted sales through the roof. The response is very effective when dealing with an enquiry, also is always prompt and efficient when I need a question answering. I fully recommend this service.

M V Landscaping

We choose to work with because we felt it was simply the most effective way to reach our target audience. By being able to focus on key postcodes gave us the confidence that we can consistently offer the best service to our new customers by responding instantly and delivering the work in a matter of days.

The Painting Specialist

I have used get a painter for over a year and found it a great way to gain more work. It is a very cost effective way of finding new work and would definitely recommend it to other trades. has always be easy to contact and offered great help throughout. Long may it continue!

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